The cleanest Rug you have EVER seen!


(not my pic) but this is a slightly more dramatic version of what happened here the other day.

 First, let me preface this with saying – I love my children with all my heart.  All the things that drive me bonkers now, I can usually get to the “laughing about it” stage quickly (otherwise I think I would just cry!).  Other times…. its more like “one day this will be funny – but that day is not today, tomorrow, or even next week!”.

I swear upon all things holy that I am raising my version of  Dennis the Menace – we call him Myles the Menace.  My son just turned 3 and I ALREADY have a laundry list of crazy things he has managed to do or get himself into (or out of).

Whenever he isn’t in sight , there is usually a surprise in store for me.   A few days ago I made the mistake of leaving a brand new (used once) bottle of this shampoo & body wash from The Honest Company (LOVE IT!).  As usual, he spotted it in record time, and managed to squeeze every last drop out of the bottle.  Half on the floor, the rest ALL OVER the rug.  I tossed the rug in the laundry room to deal with later.  Well yesterday was the day the rug “was dealt with”.  Tossed it in the washer with a couple other rugs – not even thinking twice about it.  Boy did I wish I would have even give it a faction of a second thought.  6 cycles later (cold, vinegar, rinse & spin – YOU NAME IT) I had a cycle that had a lesser – more acceptable amout of suds.  It wasn’t suds-less, but I’m taking it.  Maybe the rest of the soap will wear off on the trips in and out of the laundry room.





Embroitique’s 12 Days of Christmas 2014 Instructions




12 days of Christmas



Happy Holidays!  We are kicking off the 12 days of Christmas TODAY and have lots of giveaway goodies in store for you!

Pull our your cameras, dig out project photos using Embroitique Design Sets, and stay close to your computers for all the fun we will be having the next 12 days!

We will be giving something away each day, and choosing a winner randomly from the comments ON THE BLOG post for each of the 12 days.

We are so excited to share some of our favorite things, as well as introduce a handful of wonderful ladies who have volunteered to sponsor a “Giveaway Day” and highlight some of the products they work hard to promote.

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testing comments from facebook for 12 days of christmas

12 days of Christmas testing

Just a quick test to see if you can still comment on a blog post by using your facebook account.  If you have a wordpress account, you can leave a comment that way as well.

You should see something like this below the post.  Please help me test this out.  I need to make sure this is working so I can start (late) 12 days of xmas and stat giving things away to all of you!

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Closing-ish for the Holidays

we wish you a merry xmas notecard

Dear Customers,


We wanted you to know that we will be visiting family this week for thanksgiving, and then sort of closing for the remainder of the holiday season.  Basically, spending less time on our computers, and more time together as a family this holiday season.

You may or may not know that we are a husband and wife team that handle all aspects of Embroitique. My husband, Brian, takes care of all the tech support and IT related aspects of Embroitique.   Recently has been helping out with emails & working with developers to upgrade our entire site, on top of his own full time career.  I, Jacki, am in charge of doing everything else that goes along with Embroitique. (design, digitizing, stich-outs, pics, listing, etc.).  However, the most important job we both have is being parents to our two small children.  They come first, and there simply isn’t enough time to do it all.  Our daughter started Kindergarten and we have been trying our best to juggle all the new things that school brings into our existing busy schedules – and it has been hard.

Now that the holidays are here, the added exposure (and surprise!) that came along with our little elves making the cover of DIME magazine, we honestly just can’t keep up.  While we appreciate the support that comes from each and every one of you, we want to enjoy the magic of the holidays together as a family.  We realize that from a supplier standpoint, this is horrible timing to have to take a break (as many of you are filling orders / making gifts and may need attention right away.)  From a personal standpoint, this is the perfect time to take a break.  Our kids won’t be little forever – and there is an even shorter time where there is BIG magic that comes with Christmas.  We don’t want to miss a minute of it…and we hope that you can understand.


We decided to place all the Christmas Designs on sale (Click Here) – will be adding some new items here and there, some in formats other than Embroidery (as I have tons and tons of artwork I haven’t had the chance to digitize). I don’t have time to get the stitch counts and dimension together for new designs…but you will get a ton of sizes for probably less than $1.  In exchange for the amazing discounts, we are simply asking for patience.  If there is an issue or problem, we can’t commit to a time frame in which you will receive a response.  We can promise we will do the best we can. With the artwork that is listed in formats other than embroidery designs – have fun with them.  I will get them in embroidery format at some point.  I have a lot to learn about optimizing my artwork for all of these other crafty machines.  For now – they are for your personal use only.  Once the new site is up and running – we will have different options available.  It is all going to take time… something that is very limited these days :)

Starting in 2015 we will be taking time to find and bring reliable, stable staff on board to help bring Embroitique to the next level.  We are working on putting together job descriptions for that, among a million other things behind the scenes.  Until then, are first priority we will be enjoying our family and the upcoming holidays.  We hope that you are doing the same.


Thanks in advance for your understanding.

The Graham Family

Mermaid Fabric Tutorials- Skirts, Tails, and Dolls, Oh My!


How cute are these designs?? Below are a bunch of fabric tutorials for turning your child, or yourself, into a magnificent mermaid, tails and all! From bibs for babies, to skirts for adults, there is something here for every mermaid in your family!

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Elfis & Elfira are Famous! Click here to find out all about these cutie Christmas Elves!

We are so happy to announce that our lil cuties made the COVER of Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine!  How EXCITING!!!!

There has been a tremendous response to this spin on our original Doodley Dolls  & The Elves…we thought it would be a good idea to put all the info about these sets in one place.


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Mother’s Day Gifts Round-up

There is nothing like a mom. Honestly. There is no one more special or more important. Mothers do it all and somehow still end the day with a smile, a hug, and an open ear. Here are some special ideas that you can do for that special mom, aunt, or grandmother in your life, making something from the heart.

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