Easter Designs- New release intro pricing ends tonight!

For those of you who haven’t figured out what exactly you are going to give someone for Easter, don’t forget about our TONS of adorable Easter designs, including religious and non-religious options. Here are a handful of some of my favorites, but don’t forget to check out the rest here as well as any new releases here! Don’t forget that special pricing ends TONIGHT for any new releases! I especially love all of our different egg designs. They remind me of the special eggs my grandmother used to make for our Russian Orthodox Easter baskets. GORGEOUS! HAPPY EASTER!




Embroitique New Releases- April 14

Here are the newest designs from Embroitique! With Easter and Mother’s Day coming up, you can’t help but be thinking about family, so many of the new designs are built around that. Intro Pricing on the New Releases ends on Wednesday, April 16th at Midnight Eastern!  Click on the images below for more information on each design!  Click here to see all of the New Releases!

Monster Round-Up

Since we are hard at work on some new monster designs, I thought I’d tie in this week’s round-up with the monster theme! I’ve always been a big fan of the monster craze, from the One-eyed One-horned Flying Purple People Eater to all the Monster Inc. movies. I love it all! They’re just so cute!  So here are some monster themed treats, books, and crafts to try out!




EMB eye of newt

Found at ladybehindthecurtain.com

EMB monster eye cake

Found at thecakeblog.com

EMB monster rice krispie

Found at thehappierhomemaker.com

EMB monster teeth

Found at brit.co

EMB Witch-Finger-Pretzels

Found at kidcrave.com


1. Eye of Newt Pretzels   2. Monster Eye Cake    3. Rice Krispie Monsters   4. Apple Monster Teeth   5. Witch Finger Pretzels


How adorable is the Monster Eye Cake from thecakeblog.com? I adore it, and it is SOOO easy to make!

**TIP- For even easier monster treats, most stores that carry baking supplies sell edible eyeballs! Super easy way to make anything extra cute. Literally, you could throw them on anything like cupcakes, sandwiches, deviled eggs, sundaes, pudding cups…the possibilities are endless!



Below are some of my favorite monster books from growing up and that I’ve come across in classrooms! These books help children tackle their fears, practice their counting, and learn appreciation.

goawaygreenmonster hungry monster Little Monster monster_end_of_this_book Where-The-Wild-Things-Are



Found at daniellesplace.com

Found at daniellesplace.com

Found at daniellesplace.com

Found at daniellesplace.com

Found at gettingmessywithmsjessi.com

Found at gettingmessywithmsjessi.com

Found at kayboocreations.blogspot.com

Found at kayboocreations.blogspot.com

Found at crayola.com

Found at crayola.com

Credit to Running With Scissors (www.running-w-scissors.com)

1. Fork Monster   2. Sock Monster Milk Jug    3. Monster Hands   4. Monster Rocks   5. Monster Socks    6. Monster Tails


And of course, keep your eyes open for our upcoming monster designs. But don’t forget about our existing ones!

Embroitique New Releases- April 7

Check out this week’s new releases. From beautiful calligraphy to adorable bunnies, there is something here for everyone! Intro Pricing on the New Releases ends on Wednesday, April 9th at Midnight Eastern!  Click on the images below for more information on each design!  Click here to see all of the New Releases!  Our Fancy Easter Eggs are only 50 CENTS each!  The complete set of 25 is only $9.99!

Spring Crafts, Lessons, and Songs

With the change in seasons comes so much beauty and so much to explore! It’s the perfect time to take some time with your child to engage them in the season and all that it brings. Below are some cute crafts including a homemade bird feeder, a no-snow-globe, and a duck foot umbrella holder. Also, I’ve included some ideas for lessons to tie in with the crafts as well as books and songs. Enjoy!


EMB bee bouquet EMB craft bird feeder EMB new life EMB no snow globe EMB rain mobile EMB umbrella EMB_flowers EMB Chia


1. Bee Bouquet    2. Bird Feeder   3. New Life Craft   4. No Snow Globe    5. April Showers Mobile    6. Fowl Weather Umbrella Basket    7. Coffee Filter Spring Flowers    8. Personal Chia Pet


In addition to these crafts, I thought it would be neat to offer some ideas of books that you can share with your children related to the season as well as other educational tools, such as lessons and songs. Here are some cute ways to have share the beauty of spring in a fun and educational way!

Spring Songs


EMB Spring is here

Spring is Here Lesson 

EMB spring song

Spring Snack Tutorials!

Happy Spring!!

(even though its snowing where I am right now)

I found a ton of spring-themed super yummy and cute treats, both healthy and not-so-healthy, to share with you for this week’s round-up! Click on the pictures or the links below for tutorials on how to make these sweet and salty treats! How awesome are those peeps in tuxedos and how DELICIOUS does a Cadbury Creme Egg cupcake sound?? YUM!!


bunnycake Bunny-Garden-Dirt-Cake-2


killer-bunnies eggtastic-crew Sunshine Lollipops tulips veggies bunnytwinkie Birds-Nests Cadbury-Egg-cupcake

1. Tuxedo Peeps   2. Bunny Butt Cake    3. Garden Patch Dirt Cake

4. Killer Bunnies   5. Eggtastic Crew  6. Sunshine Lollipops

7. Tomato, Ricotta, and Celery Tulips   8. Veggie Flower

9. Bunny Twinkies  10. Bird’s Nest   11. Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcake


Easter Wreath and Decor Tutorials


With Easter approaching, there are tons of bunny based crafts for kids, but what about the grown-ups? These are beautiful and elegant bunny and egg decor ideas that you can easily make at home with the provided tutorials!

Bunny-Wreath Burlap-Bunny-Ear-Napkin-Rings DIY-Easter-Egg-nest easter-wreath OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Stenciled-Burlap-Tablerunner-Tutorial Dec Mesh Carrot Wreath Egg Wreath
1. Bunny Wreath

2. Bunny Ear Napkin Rings

3. Egg String Basket

4. Burlap Ribbon Easter Wreath

5. Roly Poly Fabric Easter Bunnies

6. Burlap Table Runner

7. Deco-mesh Carrot Wreath

8. Egg Wreath


And don’t forget about all the Easter designs and appliques available on Embroitique.com like the ones listed below!

New Releases- March 24

New Releases for the week of March 24!


We have two new monograms sets, Fleur de Lis framed letters in 2&3″ and 4&5″, lots of new frames, new calligraphy words, a birthday cake and ballet hippos!  Monogram Sets are $3 and everything else is $1! All available at super-low Intro Pricing until March 26th at Midnight Eastern! Look here for all new releases!

DIY Paint Swatch Crafts

Hey, Crafters! We’ve all seen those paint swatches at home improvement stores, right? Well did you ever think you could create something beautiful using those free color swatches? Since the ombre effect is really “in” right now, these ideas are super trendy and modern in appearance. Here are some great and simple ideas to create art, garlands, or even earrings on the cheap using left over swatches or even scrapbook or construction paper!

Found at http://wp2b.com/paint-swatches.html

Found at http://wp2b.com/paint-swatches.html



Garland Ideas

1. Triangle Garland/Bunting



2. Egg Garland (perfect for Easter)



3. Heart Garland

Heart Garland


4. Circle Garland

Circle Garland



Paint Chip Art


5. Scalloped Art

Found at http://www.youaremyfave.com/2012/05/21/scallop-wall-art-is-my-fave-guest-post-from-brooke/

Found at http://www.youaremyfave.com/2012/05/21/scallop-wall-art-is-my-fave-guest-post-from-brooke/









6. Square Art

Square Art


7. Butterfly Art

Butterfly1 Butterfly2 Butterfly3


Paint Swatch Mobiles/Chandeliers


8. Funky Square Mobile



9. Nursey Chandelier

Found at http://www.brit.co/paint-chip-diy/

Found at http://www.brit.co/paint-chip-diy/










Other Paint Swatch Crafts


10. Ombre Earrings



11. Dry Erase Calendar 




1. Triangle Garland/Bunting 2. Egg Garland  3. Heart Garland 4. Circle Garland 5. Scalloped Art 6. Square Art 7. Butterfly Art 8. Funky Square Mobile 9. Nursey Chandelier 10. Ombre Earrings 11. Dry Erase Calendar