Mother’s Day Gifts Round-up

There is nothing like a mom. Honestly. There is no one more special or more important. Mothers do it all and somehow still end the day with a smile, a hug, and an open ear. This Mother’s Day is especially hard for me. My mom passed away a little over two weeks ago. There is nothing I wouldn’t do or give to have here back here with me, but I hope I can inspire you each to truly hold your mother (or father, or uncle, or aunt, or child, or EVERYONE) as close as you can every single day. Here are some special ideas that you can do for that special mom, aunt, or grandmother in your life, making something from the heart.


Paper BOUQUET for Mother's Day

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emb fingerprint

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Initial collage

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Love craft photo frame kids

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Mother's Day Wall Plaque -

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Mother's Day Craft for Kids: DIY Mother's Day Tea Cup Pin Cushion

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1. Paper Bouquet    2. Handprint Flower   3. Fingerprint Keychain                 4. Coupon Book   5. Mom M&M Printable  6. Letter Photo Collage             7. Love Photo Frame   8. Hanging MOM Plaque                                                 9. Bath Relaxation Sundae  10. Tea Cup Pin Cushion

Embroitique New Releases- May 5

This week we have some gorgeous Mother’s Day designs as well as wedding designs and many others. Intro Pricing on the New Releases ends on Wednesday, May 7th at Midnight Eastern!  Click on the images below for more information on each design!  Click here to see all of the New Releases!


Rainy Day Activities Round-Up

Alright, I know they say April Showers bring May flowers, but this weather is DEPRESSING! Does anyone else feel like they’re going crazy with the gloom goin on outside? Up here in western PA, it’s almost as upsetting as snow…almost. Well, don’t fret! I found some amazing ways to entertain your kids (and yourself) and make it through this torrential terror. Check em out below and make sure to share with us any of your own ideas!

Here are some things that I loved to do as a kid (and now!). I’ve done a lot of these with kids that I’ve nannied and they are fun for everybody involved. Take a peek!


1. SING…..this needs no explanation. Just turn on some of your favorite songs (sometimes those TV music channels even have karaoke options) and BELT IT OUT. This is my life…literally.


2. WRITE A STORY- Have your kids tell you a story and just type it up as they tell it. Leave space at the top of each page for the kids to create their own illustrations. Making my own story books was one of my favorite past times as a kid. I LOVED making it a “hardcover” by gluing my cover page onto a piece of cardboard and duct taping a back piece of cardboard to it to create “binding”. My best piece had to have been my non-fiction literature about sea turtles for my 3rd grade teacher.


3. CREATE A MOVIE- Use your phone or your video camera to create a “movie” with your kids. If you want to get crazy add some costumes and set pieces! It could be awesome to try to do a stop-motion animation with your kids’ figurines or dolls!


4. PRETEND- Literally, you can pretend to do or be anything. With all the resources that you have in your house, the possibilities are endless. Who knew that dad’s old suit jacket could become little Myles’s on-camera uniform as he reads his news cast! Or maybe mom’s oven mitts would be perfect for Maisie’s cooking show! Seriously….endless. Speaking of Maisie…here she is pretending to be a rockstar. But she doesn’t need to pretend!





5. KNEE HOCKEY- Growing up in a family where hockey was like religion, we played TONS of knee hockey. All you do is play hockey…on your knees. We had these tiny sticks made of plastic and would use balls or pucks if we were in the kitchen. Just make sure your kids are playing nice because I definitely got hit in the face with a knee hockey ball too many times.


Here are some ideas from outside sources that I thought were super creative! Check them out from,,, and


6. TIME CAPSULE -I think this is AWESOME. At, they have some great ideas, but I loved the idea of making a time capsule. Throw some of your favorite little items and knick knacks into a container to open up years (or weeks) later. The yard is muddy anyway, so why not bury something in it!


7. FASHION SHOW- Also found on, have a fashion show! Pick out your favorite or craziest outfits and strut your stuff. You could even try to make outfits out of fun materials like newspaper, toilet paper, bubble wrap, or duct tape!


Put on a Fashion Show

Found on












8. INDOOR GAMES- why not take the stuff you love to do out of the house and put it IN the house? Now I know…no ball in the house! But I promise these won’t do any damage. Indoor games as seen on here on


INDOOR BOWLING- Set up empty water bottles and knock ‘em down with a ball.


INDOOR SNOWFIGHT- This is genius! Fold up some socks, create zones or forts, hide behind your barrier, and LET ‘EM RIP!


And while we are discussing forts, check this out from….
4 Forts and Cardboard Houses

Found on











9. HAVE A CIRCUSSet up some hula hoops, balance exercises, and juggling for your kids to create their own circus! They can even do clown makeup or you can make use of one of those old ballet costumes, lay down a piece of string, and VOILA! You have your tight rope walker! (Thanks,!)




10. INDOOR TREASURE HUNT- Also found on was this idea of having an indoor treasure hunt!  I’m a huge fan of scavenger hunts. We did them ALL the time in college. It was intense and caused many a fight between my now-fiance and I. So this is definitely up my alley. And it would be a super easy way to keep the kids occupied for  a LOOOONG TIME….ya know? “Yes, hunny….keep looking!”


5 Treasure Hunt

Found on













11. GLOW IN THE DARK PLAY DOUGH- Lastly, but definitely not least, I discovered this incredible glow in the dark play dough from OMG this looks too cool. I am making it for myself to try. I will report back with my findings! In the mean time, find the recipe and instructions here!



Glow in the Dark Play Dough - Glow 2 TAGGED

Found on










6. Time Capsule   7. Fashion Show  8.  Indoor Games    9. Circus   10. Indoor Treasure Hunt  11. Glow in the Dark Play Dough


Easter Designs- New release intro pricing ends tonight!

For those of you who haven’t figured out what exactly you are going to give someone for Easter, don’t forget about our TONS of adorable Easter designs, including religious and non-religious options. Here are a handful of some of my favorites, but don’t forget to check out the rest here as well as any new releases here! Don’t forget that special pricing ends TONIGHT for any new releases! I especially love all of our different egg designs. They remind me of the special eggs my grandmother used to make for our Russian Orthodox Easter baskets. GORGEOUS! HAPPY EASTER!




Embroitique New Releases- April 14

Here are the newest designs from Embroitique! With Easter and Mother’s Day coming up, you can’t help but be thinking about family, so many of the new designs are built around that. Intro Pricing on the New Releases ends on Wednesday, April 16th at Midnight Eastern!  Click on the images below for more information on each design!  Click here to see all of the New Releases!

Monster Round-Up

Since we are hard at work on some new monster designs, I thought I’d tie in this week’s round-up with the monster theme! I’ve always been a big fan of the monster craze, from the One-eyed One-horned Flying Purple People Eater to all the Monster Inc. movies. I love it all! They’re just so cute!  So here are some monster themed treats, books, and crafts to try out!




EMB eye of newt

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EMB monster eye cake

Found at

EMB monster rice krispie

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EMB monster teeth

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EMB Witch-Finger-Pretzels

Found at


1. Eye of Newt Pretzels   2. Monster Eye Cake    3. Rice Krispie Monsters   4. Apple Monster Teeth   5. Witch Finger Pretzels


How adorable is the Monster Eye Cake from I adore it, and it is SOOO easy to make!

**TIP- For even easier monster treats, most stores that carry baking supplies sell edible eyeballs! Super easy way to make anything extra cute. Literally, you could throw them on anything like cupcakes, sandwiches, deviled eggs, sundaes, pudding cups…the possibilities are endless!



Below are some of my favorite monster books from growing up and that I’ve come across in classrooms! These books help children tackle their fears, practice their counting, and learn appreciation.

goawaygreenmonster hungry monster Little Monster monster_end_of_this_book Where-The-Wild-Things-Are



Found at

Found at

Found at

Found at

Found at

Found at

Found at

Found at

Found at

Found at

Credit to Running With Scissors (

1. Fork Monster   2. Sock Monster Milk Jug    3. Monster Hands   4. Monster Rocks   5. Monster Socks    6. Monster Tails


And of course, keep your eyes open for our upcoming monster designs. But don’t forget about our existing ones!

Embroitique New Releases- April 7

Check out this week’s new releases. From beautiful calligraphy to adorable bunnies, there is something here for everyone! Intro Pricing on the New Releases ends on Wednesday, April 9th at Midnight Eastern!  Click on the images below for more information on each design!  Click here to see all of the New Releases!  Our Fancy Easter Eggs are only 50 CENTS each!  The complete set of 25 is only $9.99!

Spring Crafts, Lessons, and Songs

With the change in seasons comes so much beauty and so much to explore! It’s the perfect time to take some time with your child to engage them in the season and all that it brings. Below are some cute crafts including a homemade bird feeder, a no-snow-globe, and a duck foot umbrella holder. Also, I’ve included some ideas for lessons to tie in with the crafts as well as books and songs. Enjoy!


EMB bee bouquet EMB craft bird feeder EMB new life EMB no snow globe EMB rain mobile EMB umbrella EMB_flowers EMB Chia


1. Bee Bouquet    2. Bird Feeder   3. New Life Craft   4. No Snow Globe    5. April Showers Mobile    6. Fowl Weather Umbrella Basket    7. Coffee Filter Spring Flowers    8. Personal Chia Pet


In addition to these crafts, I thought it would be neat to offer some ideas of books that you can share with your children related to the season as well as other educational tools, such as lessons and songs. Here are some cute ways to have share the beauty of spring in a fun and educational way!

Spring Songs


EMB Spring is here

Spring is Here Lesson 

EMB spring song